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About Med-Health Story

Medi Health Clinical Weight Loss About Us
Medi-Health is a fast growing online provider of simple and effective meal substitutes that taste great and are designed to fit into a fast-paced lifestyle, in a cost-conscious manner.

Medi-Health meals and snacks are designed to be eaten as small food portions throughout the day so that you aren’t hungry, your energy stays high and your metabolism changes. A great deal of thought was put into improving the taste of packaged, calorie controlled food so that Medi-Health food is satisfying. Medi-Health meals and snacks are also conveniently packaged, allowing you to eat them in nearly any setting.

Participants in the Medi-Health program are offered two options – Full Meal Replacement (FMR), the simplest with 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks each designed to provide nutrition and satisfaction. The other option is Partial Meal Replacement (PMR).

Those who wish to participate in a “family meal” on a daily basis can opt for the PMR plan which provides 2 meals and snacks but allows the participant to eat a “regular” dinner (with some recommendations for food choices). The PMR plan is a higher calorie plan and weight loss may be slower but it allows for sit-down family time and is also more workable for those who must participate in business dinners or travel frequently.

Medi-Health has developed a number of online, website based tools with forums, live chats with staff members, personal interaction with nutritionists and physicians and is developing a mobile app to allow support on the go. This will also enable an online calendar used for reminders and support. Medi-Health is also ramping up web-based presence with new videos, seminars, tips and ideas, information about relevant studies and other tools to provide insight and help speed the journey to weight loss and increased health. Unlike some programs, there is no membership fee – just the cost of the food which has been carefully considered.


If you have questions email us at info@medi-health.com and one of our expert staff members will contact you.

Mission Statement To our Community we pledge to:

  • To whom much has been given much is expected. (Luke 12:48)
  • Feed Hungry in the USA (Meals for Meals Program.)
  • Give Back to local communities (Education, Schools, Food Banks, Soup Kitchens)
  • Be a role model as a company doing things “the right way” in both business and community support.

With our Employees / Partners / Vendors we agree to:

  • Be Honest and Fair in all dealings with other human beings and partnering companies.
  • Structure “Win-Win” in everything we do.
  • Reward the exceptional and teach everyone how to succeed in life and career.
  • Do not hold anyone back from becoming better, but help them in every way possible to grow.

For our Members we strive to:

  • Put ourselves in the member’s shoes when dealing with them, but especially when things are hard.
  • Remember Empathy and Sympathy as you were, are, or know someone in their shoes.
  • Courteousness at all times even when it hurts to do so.
  • We will have integrity in dealing with members even when no one is listening or looking.
  • Out service our competition every day in every way.