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Is helping people the best way to lose weight?

To help one self one must first learn to help to others. It is exactly the principal idea for the members only social media portion of our site medi-health.com. Members helping each other to achieve the same goal, lose weight, and stay thin. I need to post a blog post about getting the most out […]


Lose weight then exercise not the other way around.

I had been wanting to write about this subject for a couple of weeks now because I do not think many people truly understand how being overweight changes your physical experience in the world not just the gym. Being overweight or even obese actually makes physical exercise difficult. Mentally we know we need to change […]


How to eat and not get fat!

So the longer I am involved in this industry the more I learn. Being the student that I am I enjoy learning, connecting the dots and understanding how things work. Last night having dinner with some physician friends of mine, the topic of eating times of day came up, and if the time you consume […]


How to lose over 50lbs in 8 weeks

So you want to lose 50 lbs or more in a short amount of time? But right now your getting a lot of information regarding how to lose the weight. You hear some advertisement stating you can lose 25lbs in 1 month without even having to work at it. Or by taking a pill you […]


Obesity Related Diseases

Here is a quick list of diseases found to be related to Obesity. If you suffer from any of these you should consider taking steps to lose weight. Medi-Health Clinical Weight Loss is proven in Medical Trials to help you lose weight, by following the extremely easy and convenient program. Degenerative joint disease Hypertension Diabetes […]


Is surgery the answer?

It is funny how things happen each day. Yesterday I am getting tires for my car and the guy behind the counter is eating lunch (Subway) and weighs about 400lbs. We were talking about my car as he recognized it from the shop that built it. He asked what I do and I told him […]

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