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Health Guides: Health is a State of Mind and Body

 “Keep in mind that any lifestyle change is a “work in progress” and lasting changes take time.” Set small goals that are easy to add to your daily life and that YOU can take charge of.  Wellness and fitness involve being aware and making choices like being active, eating healthy and improving your emotional well […]


Easy to Follow and Simple Diet Plan That WORKS

Easy to follow and simple diet plan

It can be hard to find a simple diet plan that actually works. Most people who have gone on a “diet” experience failure.  Some people have experienced failure after failure – unable to find a diet that works.  Some diets are just that – diets.  Some diets offer a bit more and can be called […]


Nutrition for Weight Loss – What you NEED to know

Taste, Texture, and nutrition for weight loss are very important!

There are many important factors in achieving your weight loss goals, nutrition for weight loss being one of the most important. Most people who are trying to lose weight do some things right.  On the other hand, many people who are trying to lose weight do some things wrong, and one of the biggest mistakes […]


Why your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Learn why most New Year's Resolutions fail, and how to overcome them!

Making New Year’s Resolutions is a common practice.  More people make resolutions than watch the Super Bowl – and Number 1 on the list is to “lose weight.”  Staying healthy also makes the top 10 list, coming in at about number 6. Be Specific With your Weight Loss Goals You start out with terrific intentions, […]


10 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

These 10 healthy eating tips will help your holiday health goals!

Holidays are especially difficult for those who are trying to lose weight, so here are 10 healthy eating tips.  An average holiday dinner can run into the thousands in calorie count – many more if you add in appetizers, deserts, and drinks. Make your Holidays Healthy with these Tips While it may not be too […]


Breakfast On-the-go with a Healthy Granola Snack

Our Healthy Granola is the perfect way to start the day and get your metabolism going. It tastes great and like all of our breakfast choices, is calorie-controlled so you know you are eating just the right amount. The ‘Breakfast on a Diet’ Controversy When you are dieting, breakfast is a controversial subject. A lot […]

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