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Enjoy Pasta on a Diet with Creamy Vegetable Rotini

With Medi-Health, you can have pasta on a diet!

  Usually pasta on a diet is a no-go, due to its high-glycemic properties. Medi-Health is not just a diet – and you don’t have to give up pasta! Our Healthy and Easy Creamy Vegetable Rotini Pasta is just that – Easy to make, Healthy to eat, and Creamy to enjoy. Real Vegetables, Real Pasta, […]


Great Tasting Swiss Mocha Weight Loss Shake

Medi-Health offers some of the best tasting weight loss shakes. In fact, who doesn’t like a chocolate shake? And who doesn’t love Swiss Mocha Cappucinos? When you are dieting – you may think that you have to give that up. Medi-Health will show you that you are wrong. Our Healthy, Quick and Easy Swiss Mocha […]


How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving and Maintain Weight

Have a healthy Thanksgiving this year with Medi-Health!

If you plan on having a healthy Thanksgiving this year, Medi-Health can help! Many times, whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday gathering, extra-large meals are the rule. With the tables full of high-calorie appetizers and desserts and the availability of holiday-favorite alcoholic beverages it can be hard to maintain your weight loss […]


Healthy and Easy Cheesy Lasagna

If you like comfort food, Medi-Health has just the meal for you. Our Healthy and Easy Cheesy Lasagna is terrific, to hit the spot when you are in the mood for a filling Italian Meal. All of the Medi-Health Meals are quick and easy to make. Simply add water and pot into the microwave for […]


Enjoy Organic Nut and Fruit Squares

Scrumptious organic nut and fruit squares

The Medi-Health plan gives you healthy snacks, like our organic nut and fruit squares. Our plan allows for 2-3 snacks in between meals to help you make it through the day without feeling hungry. You don’t have to feel deprived and if you like fruit and nuts (and who doesn’t), then we have the snack […]


Alcohol and Dieting – Do They Even Mix?

Find out if dieting and alcohol mix.

Should alcohol and dieting ever be mixed? A lot of people don’t realize it but alcohol contains quite a few calories and can ruin a diet if you aren’t careful. Remember, your Medi-Health program not just about the weight loss, but about making sure that you get healthier. With the holidays coming up, you need […]

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