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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

If you are trying to lose weight, this probably isn’t the first time. Unfortunately, experience shows that most people with a weight problem, try multiple diets before they find something that works – and many never do. The problem is that most of the “diets” out there are “fad” diets. They suddenly become extremely popular […]


Our Plan Lets You Have Family Time

Just because you are working on losing weight doesn’t mean you have to avoid the family dinner table. Eating with the family is a great bonding experience and studies show that kids who regularly eat with their parents are more likely to succeed in life. Some people find that they can eat their Medi-health food […]


Eating Healthy At Work

Eating healthy is easier when you are in a controlled environment like your own home. If you are trying to lose weight, you have probably eliminated a lot of those tempting foods from your kitchen. Not having unhealthy foods that you are likely to binge on, is certainly the easiest way to avoid them. If you […]


Organic Fruit Bars- Our Healthy Breakfast Option!

Probably the best part of the Medi-Health nutrition program is the food! We have great support tools but one of the most common feedback comments our members tell us about is – how great the food looks and tastes – and that it is “real food”. Our organic fruit bars with whole wheat are a perfect […]


How Eating 6 Times a Day is a Key to Your Success

Our “traditional” American lifestyle has included a “solid” 3 meals a day, and while this may work for some, a us just can’t make it through the long hours between meals. This results in one of two problems: Eating a “regular” meal and not being able to wait, finding yourself snacking in between meals on […]


Why Weight Loss Surgery Is Killing America

Weight loss surgery is dangerous

It is obvious to most people that obesity has become an epidemic in the US. The National Health Institutes show that 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight – and half of those are obese. Many people who are overweight spend decades trying one diet after another. They may lose the weight but end up […]

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