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Medi-Health FAQ

We know that you may have some questions and have answered some of the most common. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please use our Contact Us page to get more information. We always love to help!


Who invented Medi-Health?

Medi-Health was invented by Alan Basinger, who was the first patient in his own program. Alan weighed 240 pounds and had related health problems including arthritis, blood sugar problems, lack of energy and poor self-esteem. He had tried several other plans and found they were hard to follow an was afraid that even if he lost weight, he would gain it all back just like before. Alan gathered up a group of medical and nutritional professionals and created the Medi-Health program.

How is Medi-Health different from other plans?

Medi-Health is not a diet, it is not a food plan, it is not an exercise routine or even a support group. Medi-Health is all of those things in one, easy to use program. Medi-Health provides tasty meal-replacement products, with a customizable eating plan, online website tools, interactions with nutritionists and physicians, forums for group support and is developing a mobile app to be used on-the-go. We also offer you the ability to let your physician follow along and customize your plan if you want.

Is Medi-Health a doctor-supervised plan?

Our program has been designed with medical weight-loss professionals including physicians and certified nutritionists. All of our meal products are nutritionally balanced and our program has been shown to help people lose weight and keep it off. You can interact directly with our medical and nutritional staff, join live chats – or can have your own physician supervise you if you want.

Have you done any studies on this plan?

We have done clinical studies and they have shown that our plan helps people lose weight and inches, lower blood pressure and stabilize glucose levels and improve their cholesterol profile. Results from lab tests have shown a reduction in A1C levels and a decreased need for anti-diabetic medication for those who are diabetic. Your doctor can evaluate your particular results and make any adjustments to your medical treatment plan as you lose weight.

Will Medi-Health meet my nutritional needs?

Medi-Health foods are designed with real ingredients that provide all the nutrition most members need. We don’t have to fortify our foods with supplements as they are “real food”. If you do need something extra, we offer a physician approved vitamin or your physician can help you decide what your specific needs are.

How long do I need to be on the Medi-Health program?

Many members see significant improvement in the first month. The actual length of time you will need to be on the program will vary according to your needs and goals. Many members stay on the program after they met their weight loss goals to make sure that everything they have learned has developed into a solid habit.

Do I have to eat only Medi-Health food?

We recommend the “Total Meal Replacement” plan for most people which replaces all of your food with Medi-Health meals and snacks. This ensures that you will eat only the right amount of calories each day and help you reach your goals faster. This doesn’t work for everyone so we also have a “Partial Meal Replacement” plan which lets you use Medi-Health food for two of your meals and snacks and allows you to eat a sensible dinner with family or friends. The PMR is convenient for those who wish to eat a regular family dinner and for people who travel or are required to attend business meals. The TMR plan usually results in faster weight loss but might not be right for everyone.

Do I have to exercise?

We recommend starting a moderate exercise program. Exercising will help you meet your weight loss goals faster. Exercise also helps you improve your overall health and can help with other medical issues. If you are being supervised by your physician, he can help you decide what kind of exercise and how much you should do. If you have medical issues, you should talk to your health care provider before starting any kind of exercise program. Our medical professionals can also help you make a decision about what type and how much you should exercise…

What does “portion-controlled” mean?

One of the biggest problems with our diets today is that most people don’t know how much food they are actually eating. Our meal products provide you a specific portion of food so that you know exactly how many calories and what nutrients you are consuming. Portion-control is a good way to make sure that you aren’t eating too much without realizing it.

Will I like the food?

Our food is created to be the best-tasting food available in a weight loss program. We have designed “real food” products so that you won’t feel like you are eating “diet food”. Our foods look good, smell good and taste good – that way you will enjoy eating them and stay on your program longer to meet your health goals.

Will I be hungry?

In addition to good taste, our foods are designed to be high in nutrition and offer a feeling of fullness so that you won’t be hungry. Meeting your nutritional needs will prevent your body from sending you on a search for something you crave which is often a signal that you are missing something in your diet. Feeling full will keep you from being hungry and feeling like you are deprived. We offer snacks as part of the plan to give you the staying power you need to get you through to the next meal.

Is the food easy to prepare?

Our foods are packaged in easy-to-eat form. They take minimal time to prepare but if you want to add a little, you can grill vegetables or add spices to your liking. The foods are also easy to take with you to work or anywhere that you are travelling.

Is it free to join?

It is free to become a member. Members get access to all of our online tools and the food is the only thing you have to pay for. There are no dues, sign-up fees, or extra costs.

How much does the plan cost?

The program is free and the food is reasonably priced. Our food is much less expensive and of a much higher quality than most other programs. We offer “quick start” packs which are cost-efficient or you can order food by the item. All of our online tools are free to use and your doctor can supervise your program if you sign up through your provider and give them access.

What does Medi-Health do for me besides the food?

Our website offers a number of online tools which are free to use for any member. We offer you a community of members who are on their journey to weight loss and improved health just like you. We have live-chats and a message board forum so that you can interact with our staff and other members. You can also interact directly with our medical and nutritional experts. Finally, you can benefit yourself and help others through our referral program where you will receive credits for anyone you refer.

My doctor told me about this program – how can he help?

If your doctor has recommended that you join our program, you can sign up through his office. He can customize your plan if he needs to and monitor your progress. If you need help with making sure you are signed up correctly, please see our Contact Us page for instructions. We are always happy to help.

I want my doctor to make sure this is right for me – how can I do that?

You can tell your doctor about our plan. If he wants to check it out, he can access our Medical Professionals information and learn about our program. If you want him to have access to your progress, you can sign up through his office. Contact us if you need assistance with this process.

What is the referral program?

Our referral program gives you credits for everyone you refer who uses our plan. When you sign up, we will send you a referral code through email. You can give this code to any of your family, friends, or acquaintances. When they sign up using your code and place their first order, you will get $50 in credits towards your next purchase. The more friends you refer, the more credits you can get. As a bonus, anyone who uses your code to join will also get $50 off their first purchase of $350 or more.

How do I use my discount code?

When your friend uses your code and places an order, we will send you an email with a discount code via email that you can use when you place your next order. It’s that easy.

Is my information safe?

We know that you place trust in us when you use our program. We will never sell your email address or contact information to anyone. We follow strict ethics on personal medical information according to federal guidelines and will never disclose confidential information to anyone besides a physician that you have authorized. We do occasionally send you updates about our program but if you don’t want to get them, you can let us know by “unsubscribing” from any of our emails. Your credit card or financial information is protected by secure transmission over an encrypted SSL financial system. For more information, see our Terms page.

What do I do if I have a problem?

We offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy. We will exchange your food product or offer you a refund. We want the best for you and will do our part to make you happy. You can see our Money Back Guarantee page for more information.

Can I get more information?

If you can’t find what you need on our website and haven’t seen it on this page use our Contact Us page to email or phone customer service. One of our professionals will get back to you with assistance and give you all the help you need.