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Medi Health Clinical Forum
Sometimes in beginning a new weight loss program, there is a lot of trepidation and questions:
• Will this work for me?
• Is this finally the answer?

Or you may have questions about different foods, processes or any other issue. If you can’t find it on our FAQ page – you can find it on the forum – or you can ask your own question, or even just start a conversation that you want to discuss.
For new members, our forum offers you the chance to meet up with people who have struggled and hope that they have finally found the right answer. We certain think that you have!

New members can also benefit from chatting with those who are further along their path to health and as you get further along, you can offer the same support to the next set of new members!

More experienced members can continue to get support from their “compadres” but there is also great benefit in “getting” support by “giving” support. Often when we teach or share something about what we know, we learn more about ourselves. You may have new questions such as:
• I have hit a plateau – what do I do?
• How can I make my meals even better?

Our staff also monitors the forum – so you may get some feedback, comments, or cheerleading from our professional members.
The forum is a great place to post your goals and successes – and see those of others and we really encourage you to use the support. Overall, it is a great tool for your plan – and like all our member offerings, is free to all members. So get chatting!

Also be sure to check out some of our other services:
Diet Analysis
Webchatting with professionals
Personal interactions with staff members
Support – using our contact page to get right to the heart of your problem

And don’t forget to learn about our great referral program.