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Medical Professionals

At Medi-Health, our focus is the well-being and safety of your patients. We have designed our program to be healthy and supportive while offering nutritionally sound, portion-controlled foods that were created to taste good so that your patients will use our and enjoy our program. If our foods taste good and are perceived as “real food” rather than “diet food”, it is our belief that they will stay on our program longer and be able to meet their weight loss goals, while improving their overall health.

We welcome your involvement and feedback and feel that we can provide a tool that you can offer your patients to benefit your practice and their health.

As a health-care provider, we recognize the obstacles you face in your daily practice and have designed a program your patients can use, that also provides you assurance that we are using sound medical science in our methods. The Medi-Health program makes your involvement convenient and beneficial to your practice.

Our Program

  1. We have a simple-predesigned plan or offer you the ability to customize a plan for your particular patient. You can use our physician-designed and clinical trial proven protocol or design a plan that best fits your patient. You may customize our meal and snack replacement options, include pharmacological interventions and any exercise regimen requirements or changes that you would prescribe to best meet the individual needs of your patients.
  2. There is no need for you to store any inventory. Products can be ordered by your patient, with or without the assistance of your staff, and will be drop-shipped directly to your patient.
  3. The clinical trials of our program have shown reduced weight, improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol panels, decreased A1C measurements, reduction in need for anti-diabetic medication and a lowered risk of dysmetabolic syndrome.
  4. The Medi-Health program meets most pre-surgical protocols for prospective bariatric patients.
  5. Physicians or health care providers can earn rising bonus percentages based on patient purchases and benefit from patient follow-up visits and pass-through lab work which you process according to your practice policy.
  6. The Medi-Health program can be marketed to patients in cash-only practices, insurance-based practices or a combination of both.

With as little or as much involvement as you desire, you can see patients gain better wellness and health outcomes while keeping bonus income in your clinic.

To ensure that you are able to give your patients the feedback and interventions as needed, discuss your direct involvement with them. They can provide you with access to their program information by signing up through your practice.

If you need more information, please contact MH Nutrition LLC directly at 832-432-5503 or us via email from the Contact Us page. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of our program with you or your staff.