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Medi-Health Referral Program

With Medi-Health, you can share your success by referring your friends or family members.

When your friends see how much weight you have lost and how much better you feel, they will want to know your secret. You can tell them it’s not a secret and share your success by telling them about our program.

When you tell a friend or family member about Medi-Health, you know about the benefits they will get by using our program – but you can benefit too!


Each time you refer a friend or family member to Medi-Health, you can earn cash when they place their first order.

We do have to have some rules, so they do have to live at a different address and be someone who has not participated in our program – but it doesn’t matter how many friends you refer.

Any time a new member places their first order using your referral URL, you get credit. We even have a web portal so you can see who signed up and how much $$ you have made.

It gets even better! Your friends also can get a referral URL and refer their freinds. So everyone can join and make money.

We make it easy to refer your friends by sending you an easy-to-use referral code by email – right when you sign up. You can share them by email or even by sharing links on your pages or message boards.

It works like this:
You join the program and we send you a referral code. You use our program and you lose weight. You tell a friend and give them your code. They sign up and place an order. We send you credits by email and you lose more weight. You tell more friends. The benefits are endless – and the credits are too.

We love to spread the benefits around – so tell a friend!