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Taste the Difference

Medi Health Clinical Taste the Difference

One of the things that makes our program better than all the rest is our food. We know there are a lot of programs that provide ready-to-eat meals and while these programs are all convenient, a lot of the food they offer simply doesn’t taste good. It may offer all the nutrition needed in a ready-to-use portion-controlled package that is convenient but if it isn’t appealing, you won’t eat it.

We strive to make our food different. With Medi-Health food, you won’t have to feel like you are eating “diet food”, you will be eating “real food”. We know that if it looks good, smells good, and tastes good, you will be a lot happier eating it – making your journey to health a whole lot easier.

Our food has been created to meet all of your nutritional needs in a convenient, portion-controlled package. You can add spices and vegetables to meet your individual tastes which make your meals that much better. We think we have created foods that taste better than anything out there – and you will too.
You can start your day off with real fruit and whole grains for a great energy boost to wake you up. The favorite of many of our members is the Natural Crunch Chocolate Cereal but whether you like brown sugar and cinnamon, vanilla and milk or berries – our breakfast choices are delicious.


When you get hungry in between meals, you can choose from our tasty snacks that include crunchy snack mixes, real fruit bars, and organic fruit and nut squares. You can even go for some spice with the Texas Heat Snack Mix or give yourself a boost with one of our energy drinks.

Lunch and dinner choices will make your mouth water. With choices like Pasta Stroganoff and Chicken Vegetable Stew, they look and taste just like you made them yourself. If you are up to it, you can grill up some veggies for a little extra kick. We made them with you in mind but if they aren’t spicy enough you can add your own.
The most important part of any weight loss program is the food. The food is the center and making sure that you get all of the nutrition you need while learning portion control will help you meet your goals. We make it easy with great variety and great taste.

While we try to make sure that everything you get will be something you like but that isn’t always possible. If you find something you don’t like, let us know and we will be happy to send you something else. Check out our Money-Back Guarantee page for more information if you have a problem.

We also have Fast Start Bundles, from one week to six weeks. You get everything you need all at once so you don’t have to worry about running out. Ordering a Fast Start Bundle is the best way to kick off your program. You get to try out a variety of food and by the time you need to order more, you know the program is working – and you know what you like to eat.