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Medi Health Clinical Webinar

At Medi-Health, we believe that success is not just in the weight you lose but in the life you change. As part of your free membership program, we have a host of online tools to enhance your program. It’s not just about the food – it’s about your heath and that means that you may have to change your habits.

In addition to our community forum, diet analysis, live chatting with professionals, direct staff interactions – and of course our food, we will be periodically having webinars. The webinars are given by weight loss professionals, doctors, nutritionists and others who are experienced with the Medi-Health system.

We may talk about food – how easy it is to prepare and how you can “change it up”. We may talk about lifestyle improvements. We may talk about general health topics or a whole host of other issues important to you.

This is just one more tool that you can access free of charge – simply by becoming a member!

The controlled portions of the Medi-Health food plan gives you a great start but you have an even greater chance of success when you consider the changes we suggest as part of a new and healthier life.

If you have any suggestions for webinars, let us know. We always love to hear from our members!