2014 Medi Health Weight Loss Challenge is here but are you motivated?

Posted by Alan Basinger on

So I have been thinking of ways to motivate people who need to lose weight in different ways. We are all so different it is actually and interesting challenge. Being humans and individuals we all are motivated by different things. For example I was not motivated by my looks, or by my wifes consistent reminders to take care of myself. Also money was not a motivator for me as my other company was doing well and we were not hurting for money. So what motivated me? Pain..yes that was it for me actual pain of being injured brought about a real feeling of getting older. Previous to my injuries in 2013 although overweight I was healthy and worked very hard. I replaced a wood floor in my house and then helped in the manual labor portion of moving warehouses as our company grew. That tore up my left knee causing me to go through rehab, be in a brace for a while, and just when I was comming out of that and feeling better I tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder and that was enough. So talking with my health care provider a lot of the joint pain, the knee problems, the feet problems I had were ralted to weight and if I did not want to continue with these types of issues I needed to do something. So I got on a very well known wall street traded companies diet, bought the goods, etc. And found out I could not stand it. It tasted like cardboard or sand, was bland, and overall not filling. I started researching and found out it was full of absolutely the lowest quality cmponents and my body hated it. Further researcxh showed many people having hair loss issues, alergic reactions, and many new health issues becuase of this extremely well know diet program. I got off of it and talked to my doctor. That is when the idea for Medi-Health hit me. All diets are actually based upon the same idea, calorie restriction. So why couldn't I work with doctors and nutritionists to come up with a diet program that uses better ingredients, offeres the same conveinence, but better customer service, and that just plane tasted good with food that was good for you. So that is what we have spent the last 1.5 years doing. Working with food producers, finding partners, and going through medical trials. I am paitent number 1 on medical trials. I have lost over 60lbs, me health is amazin, blood pressure perfect, energy level never better, and I take ZERO medications for anything any more. (other than an occasional ibuprofen for pain when I work my tail off at my ranch) So what motivates you? Is it money? Is it fame? Is is being pain free? Is it looking good? Is it career? What is it? Let me know becasue I really want to help and we have some fun things comming up that will hopefully motivate you to Love to lose with us.

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