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We all have habits that need changing, and these 5 weight loss tips can help. When considering weight loss, there may be a lot of things that you need to look at – and some of those are “habits”. Habits are things that we do without thinking about it too much. When it comes to weight loss, these can be things such as eating at the wrong time, too much snacking or mindless eating. No matter what the habit or how deeply engrained it is, it can be changed but you have to replace it with a new habit. Here are 5 great tips for developing new, healthy habits that will help you reach your weight loss goals. 1. Develop “positive self-talk” We have a lot of “automatic” thoughts – and a lot of these are negative. Things such as “I can never do that” or “I ought to eat better” can run though our minds on a continuous basis. Substituting phrases such as “I choose to do better” or “I am getting healthy” may seem silly but if you can stop the negative self-talk, you will feel more capable of achieving your goals and continue the habits that are successful. 2. Take Small Steps Toward Your Weight Loss Goals We often fail to recognize the small steps we have taken towards a bigger goal. It is easy to disregard the progress you have made. If you acknowledge how well you are doing by saying “I have lost 10 pounds” rather than “I have to lose 50 pounds”, you will feel positive about things you have done in getting to the 50 pounds. Setting smaller goals can help you step your way to the big goal with the new habits that are working. 3. Reinforce Your Weight Loss Motivation By Giving Yourself Credit We don’t often give ourselves enough credit but you need to pat yourself on the back each time you achieve one of the small goals you have set. When trying to lose weight, obviously rewarding yourself with ice cream isn’t a great idea – but you can choose something else. You need to be your own cheerleader – tell yourself what a great job you are doing. 4. Remove temptation This is a big one in weight loss. You are eating differently but there are a lot of triggers. If you want to stick to your new health plan, you might need to get rid of some things – at least for a while. Clean out your pantry, skip the break room on donut day, and toss out anything else that is blocking you from your path. 5. Don’t expect perfection Together, these 5 weight loss tips can help you create new healthy habits, accelerating your weight loss goals and reinforcing your motivation. We are so accustomed to failure that often, at the least sign of a bump in the road – we simply quit. Realize that you aren’t perfect right from the start and know that you will make some mistakes. Getting right back on the bike is the way to learn to ride – reinforcing the new habit is the way to make it stick. The Medi-Health program offers a lot of support tools – we personalize your diet plan and can help you decide what is right for you. We also have a great community of other people who, just like you, want to lose weight and get healthy. You can start by checking out our Member’s Area – the forums are a great place to connect with others learning new skills.

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