6 ways to add more joy and excitement to your life

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relax houseOne of the best ways to increase and maintain good health is to have more fun.  Increasing the joy and happiness that your life holds can have all kinds of benefits. From increased energy and decreased stress levels all the way to better sleep, better immune functioning and even better metabolism – being happy is a way to be healthy. For many of us, happiness and joy don’t always come naturally especially if you aren’t feeling so hot about your appearance.  A lot of people who seem to travel through life in a joyful state of mind will tell you that happiness is a choice.  Here is a list of 6 ways that you can add joy and excitement to your life – decreasing your stress and making you happier. You don’t have to do anything dramatic – just a few simple things that only require a bit of creativity can add a little sparkle.
  1. Get up, get out of the house.  It is really easy to lie in bed until the snooze goes off for umpteenth time and you may want to veg all weekend but if you just get up and get moving you will feel a lot better.  On the weekends, get out of the house – go somewhere different and fun: peruse a bookstore, go to a community garden, walk in the park, shop at an outdoor bazaar.  Just get up and go!
  2. Exercise.  Yes, we said exercise.  You have probably been told this over and over but it really is true.  Exercise creates endorphins – the feel good hormones, in addition to all of the other physical benefits.  Keep your exercise gear or equipment where you can see it – park it in front of the TV so you can do a few sets while watching.  Stand up when talking on the phone, balance on one leg while brushing your teeth.  Keep your shoes in front of the door so that you are reminded to take a short walk to transition from “work” to “home”.  Small bits of exercise can add up and remember that some exercise is better than no exercise.
  3. Do night things at night and day things during the day.  Don’t wear any sunglasses in the morning.  Even this may seem blinding at first, morning exposure to direct sunlight helps to set your body clock and tells your brain it is daytime, time to be awake.  At night, take a warm bath with Epsom salts which can help relax muscles as magnesium (in Epsom salts) is a muscle relaxant.  Practice meditating and relaxing when you get in bed.  Clear your mind, stop the negative thoughts and practice relaxing muscles one by one.  This all leads to a better sleep pattern, a better wake pattern and a healthier internal clock.
  4. Express your gratitude.  Help out at a charity or a soup kitchen.  This is one of the best feel-good activities you can do.  Even if you don’t feel all that fortunate, helping others who are less fortunate gives you an immeasurable sense of accomplishment.  Ask someone how their day was with a smile.  Try a random act of kindness – pay for a stranger’s coffee, give a friend (or a stranger) some flowers – doing something small for no reason at all can give you a real boost – not to mention brightening their day too.
  5. Shake things up.  Like everyone else, you probably do the same things with the same people – if at all.  Do something different.  Go new places, dancing, rock concerts, sporting events, dinner theater.  Even something as small as moving your furniture can give you a whole new perspective on life.
  6. Visualize your life as you want it to be.  Write it down and include the steps you can take to get there.  If there is one big thing you want to do – don’t wait.  If you can do it now – do it, if not then plan it!
You don’t always have to do something big to make your life more interesting and joyful.  Small changes that are simple can make your life more fun and interesting.  Your outlook is the one that is most important – if you think happy, you can be happy!

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