7 Causes of Obesity

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Some people seem to gain weight no matter what they do, but that’s because there can be hidden causes of obesity.  It isn’t always a lack of exercise, it isn’t always stuffing yourself and it isn’t always a case of genetics.  There are some bad habits that a lot of people who are obese may do without even thinking about it – and habits can be changed.
  1. Eating out
Eating out is a big one.  It is great to be able to go out and have someone else prepare your food but what you don’t usually know is what and how much they put in it.  A typical hamburger made at home with French fries baked in the oven contains about 450 calories – this is one serving, with vegetables but without mayonnaise.  A typical hamburger and fries from a restaurant or fast food place can easily contain 1000 calories or more.  In addition, even something that seems “safe” like a salad with grilled chicken can have upwards of 700 calories.  Read the nutrition information and ask yourself, “Could this be a cause of my [unexplained] weight gain?”
  1. Forgetting the Importance of Breakfast
You have heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  That is true not only to wake your brain up but skipping breakfast can also put your body into “starvation mode” where your metabolism slows down to conserve all of your calories because it thinks there is no food available.  This is a leftover trait for survival but is not doing us any favors today.  Eat breakfast.
  1. Eating too late in the day
When you eat during the day, your body uses that fuel for daytime activities.  When you eat late at night, your body will store that energy and convert it to fat to be used later.  The same number of calories consumed at night will lead to more weight gain.  Try not to eat after dinner.
  1. Snacking
It is commonly known that “grazing” or eating frequent smaller meals throughout the day can help you avoid being hungry.  This is true but many people don’t consider the number of calories in their snack (about 450 for a candy bar and soda) and they don’t cut down on their meal size.  Eating large meals and snacking on high calorie foods is a cause of obesity, and will make you gain weight.
  1. Big plates
Studies have shown that using bigger plates leads to consuming larger portion size because everyone wants to “fill their plate”.  Using smaller plates will force you to serve less food and ultimately eat less.
  1. Eating out of the bag
You can sit in front of the television with a bag of chips – intending to eat only “some”.  Before you know it, you have munched your way through the whole bag.  The same thing goes for eating ice cream from the carton.  Overeating is easy when you haven’t set a limit.  Use a bowl.
  1. Eating too fast
When you are eating it take 15 minutes or so for the message from your stomach saying “I am full” to reach your brain and tell you to stop eating.  If you scarf down a lot of food – it is easy to eat too much.  Eat slower. The Medi-Health program provides you tips and tools to manage your diet.  This includes a personalized eating plan and a selection of tasty meals, snacks, and beverages.  We help you discover those habits and replace them with better ones.

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