Alcohol and Dieting – Do They Even Mix?

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Should alcohol and dieting ever be mixed? A lot of people don’t realize it but alcohol contains quite a few calories and can ruin a diet if you aren’t careful. Remember, your Medi-Health program not just about the weight loss, but about making sure that you get healthier. With the holidays coming up, you need to know some facts about drinks containing alcohol.

From Resveratrol to Cardiac Protection, Alcohol is still a Sugar

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the consumption of alcohol and the potential health benefits or detriments. No matter what experts say about anti-oxidants in wine, moderate drinking as a cardiac preventative, or other discordant discussions – alcohol can steamroll your weight loss efforts if you aren’t careful.
  • Alcohol itself, pure alcohol would seem like it is calorie free – after all it doesn’t have any sugar or fat. That actually isn’t true – it actually contains 7 calories per gram. This means that in one ounce of pure alcohol – the same amount of alcohol you get in an average drink, you have 210 calories and that doesn’t include the rest of the drink.
  • Alcohol also has no nutritional value. Worse than white sugar – it is absolutely devoid of nutrients. If you are dieting – just one drink of alcohol each day would add empty calories to you diet. Even if you order a “vodka on the rocks” or something similar; you can be gaining an extra pound every 2 weeks – just because of the alcohol.
  • Alcohol lowers your inhibitions making a dietary splurge much more likely. In addition to the calories from the alcohol, you might find yourself unable to resist the table of deserts, the cheese platter, or any of the other food that lingers around at holidays and gatherings. So the alcohol might not be all you have to burn off.
  • Alcohol is rarely drunk as “grain alcohol”. Unless you like Everclear, you are likely mixing it with some other beverage such as juice, cola, or worse – a slushy fruit drink. The drink that you put the alcohol in adds a whole lot more calories – from 200 or so for a cola – to 500 or more for a pina colada. This makes the 210 calories of the alcohol itself a double, triple, or even bigger whammy in your diet.

The Best Alcohol to Drink on a Diet is No Alcohol at All

There is also the obvious physical damage that alcohol can do – liver damage, excess stomach acid, dehydration, sleep disruption with long term or over-consumption. One drink or sipping the occasional wine during the holidays probably won’t hurt – a lot, but you need to be aware of what it may do to your weight loss plans. When you join the Medi-Health program – we offer you a lot of tools and support and one of them is our forum. You may be able to find someone like you to chat with on our forum to discuss your holiday plans or if you have more questions about alcohol and dieting – and how to avoid the pitfalls.

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