Budgeting and dieting the perfect win win....

Posted by Alan Basinger on

Times are hard and the economy uncertain and almost everyone is having to think a little more about spending extra money. I hear it every day from people I meet, but mostly potential members of Medi-Health. Dieting is expensive!!! So I decided to look at this a little further to see if it really is only for people who may be better off financially. Medi-Health clinical weight loss = $2.71 cents per meal Fast Food Meal =$5 to $7 per meal. (source: daily finance.com) Home Cooked Meal = $3 to $4 per meal. (source: daily finance.com) Do not even get me on junk food, sodas, and adult beverages which are mostly empty calories that go stright to the gut. (if you choose to partake of these do so responsibly.) So for conveinence we pull into the drive through or purchase meals out at restaurants, throw down money at the conveinence store counter, and spend double or triple the money it would cost for a convienent calorie correct meal or snack from Medi-Health. Our prices are more in line with home cooked meal prices and are just as convenient as fast food (if not more because we did not take into account the time or cost of driving to the fast food restaurant.) If you have more examples of how Medi-Health saves you money and time feel free to ask questions. The proof is in the pudding as my Grandmother used to say. In this case Medi-Health is cheaper than grannies pudding (sorry Nana.)

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