Children's Weight Loss and Family eating habits

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Today I wanted to bring up a subject that has been a very popular topic in my social circles when people find out what I do and how I lost over 60lbs and have kept it off for so long. The topic today is family weight issues. As the father of my children in a happily married home I see my children and notice them modeling the same habits we as parents have in their life. Children really do what you do and not what you tell them to do! So one of the worst things we can do is teach them incorrect eating habits as we can see the effects of this every day here in Texas for sure. If the parent is overweight it is almost a given that the children will be as well. I noticed it in my son and since losing weight have tried to insure that I no longer model the habits he saw earlier from me. So I am especially attuned to modeling behavior that I would like to see him have. By showing him and not telling him what to do. Then when needed guiding him to better choices. I find this to be extremely effective in more than just eating, but work, play, and dealing with others. If I choose to finish the chores around the ranch before I play games with him on the xBox I am showing him how we take care of important things before we play. And that play is a reward for hard work not a right because you were born in the USA. The problem I had was as an adult I only started having weight issues after 35 to 40 years of age, but our kids are starting to have weight issue at much younger ages. And I am afraid this will cause issues for them earlier than most of us from my generation. We never came home, we always outside and would rather ride bike around the neighborhood than sit in front of the TV. So I never had issues with weight other than being too skinny. Today those times are challenging in the US. And more challenging in Urban areas than rural.  Diseases like diabetes are more and more common, but doctors are not always helpful in curing the issue but writing a prescription for drugs instead. Most people with type to Diabetes can be cured by changes in diet. Examples are there and we personally knew more than one. In Houston we had a neighbor child of 8 who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has to take insulin shots daily. Of course he is a large boy and his mom and dad are also larger, older, and supposedly educated. This boy is a diabetic in a family of diabetics, whose eating habits are causing the issue and are also the key to the cure, and guess what, they still let him eat sugary snacks, and drink sodas, and chips, and other junk food, which we would never let our kids do. And this child is not the only one, many more kids I coached in basketball were also the same, they had issue running up and down the court, they would rather play video games than be outside, they had attention issues, and all the terrible symptoms related to bad diets. They even drank pops and ate candy at practice and games? In seeing what was happening around me and knowing I did not want the same thing to happen to my kids we sold our expensive urban house and moved to the country on a ranch. We teach the kids values, morals, integrity, and now healthy life choices. It has been a year and slowly we are seeing the fruits of our labor, the kids are in great shape, they no longer crave the Urban ideas of success and as they see the families of their so called friends dissolve into divorce, we model a healthy, happy, strong, god fearing family who cares about others and helps because we want to, not because we have to. I have taken it upon myself to try not to be a hypocrite when it comes to teaching my kids. If I do or do not want my kids to do something them I should probably not be doing it myself.  And I cannot get them in trouble for modeling behaviors I have unless I am willing to change them first and show them I have changed. So I lost over 60lbs, went from size 40 pants to size 34, and make healthy eating choices in the quantity of food eaten daily. Maybe you can take some time at the start of this New Year and make those hard choices yourself? If you want to you can ask me anything you want on this subject as it is my personal mission to help others make the changes we have made in our lives. I know you can and I am only modeling in my life and example that hopefully helps others. Am I perfect? No not even close, but I am not who I used to be and am happier and healthier than I have ever been in my life. We at Medi-Health can help you as well with our family diet program, We can help your entire family to eat better, stay healthier, and learn to live as a strong family again by loving each other enough to do the right thing. Check out our new 2014 Healthy lifestyle challenge for more information on how we can help you help your family. Or contact your family doctor and ask him to sign up for Medi-Health and how we can help him as well in these tought times to help his patients with their health issues. (90% of all health issues your dotor see's are related to diet...) In Love Alan Basinger

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