Do the holidays effect our weight?

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Jan 2014. Just having passed the biggest two holidays of the year for 2013 Thanksgiving and Chirstmas and with the majority of us resolving to lose weight this Jan 1 I wanted to share my experiences this new year with the new me. So two weeks into the new year and the only thing I did different was?? Here is comes!!!! nothing at all. You heard right, nothing at all. I ate the food the families prepared for our traditional meals, football, snacks, etc. And at Christmas we ate fruitcakes, cookies, and cheese cake (one of the many weaknesses I face) and I still at the fighting weight of 180 I have been able to keep at for over 6 months now. Honestly I was worried for a moment that all those old clothes I donated would end up being replaced with the same fat clothes I had before, but now I am confident I can get rid of all of those fat clothes and only keep skinny clothes. I should save a bunch of room in my closet now! Another holiday season down and unlike prevuous years there is no feeling sorry for myself for overeating. Yet I did enjoy all of the great food the family provided for each and every meal. This time because of the Medi-Health Clinical Weight Loss program I did so with moderation and it did not take away from any enjoyment at all. As a matter of fact I enjoyed it more and never felt stuffed, or tired, or just plane sorry for myself for eating like a pig as I would have done previously. That is what is so great about the Medi-Health program. You learn to be able to retraining your mind and body on how to eat. Then transfer that knowledge into regular, normal, daily  life. It is great not be in the diet yo yo any more. I admit I am not the smartest guy in the world. I am just like you and I had a problem with my weight like so many of us. I found out what was causing it and changed things for the better. You can too I know it and guarantee if you get on the program, stick with it dilligently, and do exactly what you need to you also will lose weight and feel great. If you do not lose weight I will refund your purchase 100%. Here is to you Loving to lose with me. Sincerely, Alan Basinger CEO/Founder Medi-Health

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