Doctors Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

Posted by Alan Basinger on


1. Make up your mind! You must be ready to lose weight. Making up your mind to be successful is the first secret. 2. Be honest with yourself! You must follow the plan. If you are not losing, and you are not eating outside of the plan, then you and your provider need to reassess your calorie intake. 3. Think positive! Get rid of the self-defeating behavior. Take charge of your life with “no excuses”! 4. Visualize! Picture yourself in your mind as you want to be. Place an old picture on your bathroom mirror and the refrigerator and the pantry door. 5. Make goals! Set up smaller less intimidating goals within the bigger goal. Instead of thinking you have to lose 60 pounds. Lose 10 pounds 6 times. 6. Be persistent! Do not let a setback stop you. If you fall off the wagon, then learn from it. Use it to make you more resolute. Get back in the drivers seat and drive. 7. Weigh in! See your provider for weekly weigh in visits. The accountability increases success.

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