Eating Healthy At Work

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Eating healthy is easier when you are in a controlled environment like your own home. If you are trying to lose weight, you have probably eliminated a lot of those tempting foods from your kitchen. Not having unhealthy foods that you are likely to binge on, is certainly the easiest way to avoid them. If you don’t have those tempting foods available, you can’t eat them but one of the biggest problems with trying to lose weight is maintaining your diet when you aren’t at home. Applying The Eating Healthy At Work Routine Most people have to work – which means that every day, you are leaving your “controlled environment”, and the workplace is an easy place to slip up. Your co-workers may order lunch or go out to eat on a regular basis and the break room may have pastries, sodas and vending machine snacks – none of which you need. One of the great things about Medi-Health is that you can take the plan with you. Our food is conveniently packaged and easy to prepare. Our meal selections take only a few minutes to make and you can use the microwave –which most offices have. The snacks are tasty – with crunchy, salty and sweet selections, like our healthy granola! You can make your own meals right at work and have your snacks too. Tasty, convenient, nutritious, “real food” will help you stay on the plan and the great snacks will help you get through the rest of the day, keeping your energy up without being hungry? All you have to do is avoid the takeout menu drawer, the pizza ordered in, and pass by the snacks in the break room. You don’t have to be unsociable – you just have to be sociably smart. Your coworkers will understand – and when they see how much weight you have lost and how much better you feel, you can tell them about Medi-Health and join our referral program. You can also use Medi-Health support tools at any computer. We aren’t’ telling you to surf the web or use up important work time to chat on the forums – but you can access the tools while you are on your break or wherever you are!  

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