Enjoy Pasta on a Diet with Creamy Vegetable Rotini

Posted by Alan Basinger on

  Usually pasta on a diet is a no-go, due to its high-glycemic properties. Medi-Health is not just a diet – and you don’t have to give up pasta! Our Healthy and Easy Creamy Vegetable Rotini Pasta is just that - Easy to make, Healthy to eat, and Creamy to enjoy.

Real Vegetables, Real Pasta, Real Flavor

Just like any great pasta dish - our Creamy Vegetable Rotini gives you that “full” and satisfied feeling that you really want at dinnertime. It has real pasta, real vegetables, and all of the flavor you expect. Our meals are calorie-controlled and always healthy. The creamy vegetable with healthy pasta is no exception.

Easy to Make Food, Anytime, Anywhere

Like all of our foods, it is easy to enjoy at work, at home, or wherever you are. Just take the packet with you so you won’t be tempted by fast food. When you are ready, preparation is simple. Just add water, put it in the microwave, mix and eat. It is really fast! Only a minute and a half. Both simple and easy! At Medi-health, we work hard to choose only foods that are satisfying and taste great. Our customers think this is one of the best meals, especially since it is uncommon to eat pasta on a diet!

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