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The Medi-health program offers you lots of benefits.  When you sign up for our program, you get free access to all of our on-line tools to help you in your journey to good health – but did you know you can get paid to lose weight? Joining is free and once you become a member, you will be able to use all of our tools – online support, direct one-one-one interactions with our staff of weight-loss professionals, access to our community and forums, and live chat sessions with doctors and nutritionists – not to mention the great food. Your own physician can follow your progress if you want and we are developing a mobile app that you can use on-the-go but the best news is that we have a great referral program – and we will pay you every time you tell a friend. When you join Medi-Health, we send you a special code that you can use to refer your friends, family members, and acquaintances.  Once your friends see how much weight you are doing, they will want to know how you lost all that weight – and why you feel so great. You can help them find their health – and help yourself at the same time by referring them to Medi-Health with your referral code.  When they sign up for our free program – they get all the benefits that you have and you get credits towards your own. When your friend places their first order – we will send you $50 in credits towards your next order!  The more friends you refer – the more credits you get!  We actually pay you to lose weight! Your friends benefit too – when they place their order of $350 or more – they get $50 off.  So spread the benefits around, share your success! The program is easy –
  • Join for free and we send you a code
  • You give the code to your friends or even your acquaintances
  • They use the code to sign up and order from our program
  • We send you credits through the email for more food of your own
  • You give the code to more friends and get more credits
The more friends you help find Medi-Health, the more we pay you to lose weight!

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