Great Tasting Swiss Mocha Weight Loss Shake

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Medi-Health offers some of the best tasting weight loss shakes. In fact, who doesn’t like a chocolate shake? And who doesn’t love Swiss Mocha Cappucinos? When you are dieting – you may think that you have to give that up. Medi-Health will show you that you are wrong. Our Healthy, Quick and Easy Swiss Mocha Cappuccino Shake will hit the spot when you find yourself wanting that smooth, creamy delight. Our shake mix is great any time.

Medi-Health Diet Even Allows for a Chocolate Fix

Drink it cold for that wonderful milkshake experience or drink it hot to remind yourself of the coffee house. It is so dark and rich, it gives you relief when you have a craving for chocolate and need a “chocolate fix”.

Your New Quick Healthy Snack

At only 120 calories, you can drink it as one of your two or three snacks – to hold you through until the next meal. It is also great for breakfast – or as an occasional meal replacement when you are on the go. It is so calorie conscious; you can even use it occasionally as a meal supplement – like a desert. Like all of our foods, snacks and drinks, it is easy to pop it into your bag and preparation is a snap. Just mix it up with some water – hot or cold – add ice or pop it in the microwave. Stir and drink. You don’t even have to “shake” our Swiss Mocha weight loss shake – just stir it up.  

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