Healthy and Easy Cheesy Lasagna

Posted by Alan Basinger on

If you like comfort food, Medi-Health has just the meal for you. Our Healthy and Easy Cheesy Lasagna is terrific, to hit the spot when you are in the mood for a filling Italian Meal. All of the Medi-Health Meals are quick and easy to make. Simply add water and pot into the microwave for about a minute and a half for a healthy and satisfying meal. We have real cheese in a portion controlled, healthy, saucy meal – with pasta. Just because you are dieting – doesn’t mean you have to skip the pasta! Carb controlled at about 250 calories – it will fill you up until your snack. Traditionally made with pasta, tomato, real cheese, garlic and traditional Italian spices – sure to hit the spot. Especially with winter coming, you don’t always want something that sounds “light”. Our comfort food doesn’t make you feel like you are sacrificing! All of our meals and snacks are “real food”. We tried a lot of recipes and chose only the best. Because it is “easy” – you can take it to work and eat it right there with simple preparation. Smells great too! Your coworkers may start to wonder how you can eat this kind of great food and be losing all the weight – you can tell them about Medi-Health and rack up some bonus points for yourself!

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