How Eating 6 Times a Day is a Key to Your Success

Posted by Alan Basinger on

Our “traditional” American lifestyle has included a “solid” 3 meals a day, and while this may work for some, a us just can’t make it through the long hours between meals. This results in one of two problems:
  • Eating a “regular” meal and not being able to wait, finding yourself snacking in between meals on unhealthy food because you didn’t plan ahead
  • Eating a regular sized meal and finding yourself “starving” by the next meal time making you overeat
The “regular” size for most meals is actually larger than it should be. But even at a calorie controlled level of 500-600 calories, three “regular” meals would be an entire day’s calorie supply – and maybe more for some people. If you snack in between those “regular” meals – you are getting the whole day’s calories plus whatever you eat at snack time which could add another 1000 calories if you aren’t careful. If you endure the hunger, you start with the 500 calorie meal but by the second and third meal, you are so hungry that you eat a much bigger meal – maybe even double the size. This still adds another 1000 calories to your day. Over time, either practice can add up to weight gain of 1-2 pounds per week. Eating “smaller” meals – up to 6 “meals” during the day is the way to go for a lot of people. If you can spread your calorie intake throughout the day, you actually end up eating less without feeling hungry. The key to making this frequent eating plan successful is portion and calorie control. If you have tried diets that leave you feeling hungry or cause your blood sugar and energy levels to plummet during the day, Medi-Health may have the perfect solution for you. We certainly aren’t the only weight loss program – but our plan is backed with solid science and a good deal of experience. Our plan provides tasty meal selections and healthy snacks to eat in-between meals. The 3 meals are carefully portion controlled so you know exactly what you are getting. The snacks, like our Swiss Mocha Shakes are there 2 or 3 times a day to help you through to the next meal. We help you keep your energy and blood sugar levels up so you don’t feel hungry and tempted to go off course. The bonus part is that Medi-Health isn’t just a diet; it is a program with tons of nutritional and emotional support. You never have to feel like you are doing this alone! You can use all of our tools, free of charge – and your doctor can follow right along so you know your medical needs are taken care of too. We also have a great referral program so you can take your success to your friends and family and help them change their lives as well!  

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