How to eat and not get fat!

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So the longer I am involved in this industry the more I learn. Being the student that I am I enjoy learning, connecting the dots and understanding how things work. Last night having dinner with some physician friends of mine, the topic of eating times of day came up, and if the time you consume food affected weight gain or loss. And something interesting was said to me I thought I would pass along. "Your body is a machine and food is the fuel, to gain or lose weight it only mattes how much fuel you add not what time of day you add it." I thought about that for a second and replied. "So if you eat one giant meal of 3000cal each day and nothing else you will gain weight?" and the answer from all sides of the room was yes. Then I thought again for a second and asked this question. "So why do I get such good results spacing my meals out continuously throughout the day?" and the answer was "it keeps your blood sugar in check, and your insulin level even throughout the day." I had not thought about that I only thought about the fact I felt better, had more energy across the entire day, and lost weight. Overall as the conversation continued it seems as though all we need to do is put less food in our mouths, any way that works for you and you will see results. What I found with the way I promote eating is that Our blood sugar and insulin levels stay even throughout the day and our metabolism is constant so it is better for our bodies and I know my energy levels, stamina, and loss of weight are a testament to it working very well. While it is still important what you eat, the more important thing is how much you eat. In relation to this, you really can eat bread and pasta on a diet and not gain weight as long as you keep portions in check.

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