Is fat becoming the new skinny?

Posted by Alan Basinger on

We see it every day on billboards, TV, magazines, the daily exposure to advertsing's view of an ideal person. That peson used to be super skinny when I was a twenty something, who was living in utopia and that somehow you can also live there if you buy there products. Of course back them we were not afraid to go outside, we had face to face coversations, and most people were not overweight. Obesity and the related health issues were not as big of a deal as they are now. Fast forward to today, recognizing the shift in western cuture and diets there has been a redefining of overweight and obese in the US. What we called obese then is now just overweight, and well obese is downright frightening. The plethora of remedies for this epidemic are as vast as the sea is wide. With simple supplements that claim drastic weight loss, to the latest fad diet, or in the extremem but all too common Gastric sugery. Of course MOST health related issues in the US can be directly tied to being overweight. Yet we spend more money and time buying drugs to mask the symptoms rather than educating people on what ultimately will correct and solve most of the issues we have today. To me this makes no sense as a society and a person, but as a business who is measured by growth more than even& profits, or quality of service (as most wall street companies are measured) then it starts to become clearer. So does the drug manufacturer, publicly traded major food processing company or publicly traded diet food company really care about you? Sure they about...getting your money (Sacasm intended). We at MH Nutrition LLC want you to be healthy, our founders are Medical Professionals, and none of us want you to continue the merry-go-round of fad diets, and the continual lifelong drug regime that wall street traded drug manufacturers rely on for there continued profits. Having worked for one of the largest in the world I know they would rather you pay them for drugs for life than actually cure you of the issue. So are you going to bet your life and your health, or your families health on a company who does not really want you healthy? As you ponder that last statement, we give you the secret up front here at Medi-Health because it really is no secret at all. Watch your caloric intake every day and you will lose or maintain your weight. Of course you want to eat good food, and want the right balance of CARBS, PROTIEN, FIBER, and NUTRITION. We provide food packaged conviently for todays lifestyle to get you started and help you on the way. But we expect that if you wish to you will competely quit our program and begin eating food with the family, at lunch with co workers, and at social events. But instead of eating for 2 or 3 people just eating for you. Then we continue to provide the tools and expert advice to help you along the way. We are you support staff and are here to help you along the journey. It is not that we expect perfection, it is that we want to be there for the hard times, and the slip ups, that we all as humans go through. We really do care about you, and like you I have been overweight and do not want the new skinny to be the old fat. How about we all& just be& healthy? Alan Basinger

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