Is surgery the answer?

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It is funny how things happen each day. Yesterday I am getting tires for my car and the guy behind the counter is eating lunch (Subway) and weighs about 400lbs. We were talking about my car as he recognized it from the shop that built it. He asked what I do and I told him all about Medi-Health. And surprise the first thing he say is "do you work with Bariatric patients? Well I asked why and he told me his story. 3 years ago he had lap band surgery and went from over 400lbs down to 260lbs in an extremely short period of time. This made him extremely sick, he ended up back in the hospital, and had to go back under the knife. Then the lap band broke and he had to go back again. Now he is about 350lbs and wants to get on our program. This is not the first experience I have had with people who have had this type of surgery having serious life threatening complications. Think about it like are taking a huge risk to have a surgeon make your stomach smaller so you eat smaller meals more times per day and you lose weight. Then look at the Medi-Health Clinical Weight Loss Program and see that instead of the risk of surgery we are accomplishing the same thing, without the risk of infection, relapse, scaring, etc. etc. etc. There is a saying that you should only go under the knife as the last resort. Here are the criteria from a local Bariatric weight loss clinic. Last year I would have been a candidate as they considered a BMI of 30.0 and above as the candidate. Instead I chose to create this program and change my lifestyle and the habit of overeating that I had and now I am considered normal. You can do this and we are here to help. BMI Weight Status Below 18.5 Underweight 18.5--24.9 Normal 25.0--29.9 Overweight 30.0 and Above Obese If you are considering surgery please get a second opinion and ask your doctor about accomplishing the same thing with Medi-Health.


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