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Most people don’t “suddenly” gain a great deal of weight.  In some cases, people describe themselves as having always been fat.  In other cases, weight may be gained over a fairly long period of time – tolerated until it becomes unbearable.  Some of these people, in fact probably most of these people have tried multiple diets – from fad diets to exercise programs.  Either they can’t stick to the program – or they lose weight but end up gaining most of the weight back and sometimes more. Why Diets Fail The failure to achieve or maintain weight loss – is largely because “diets” don’t address underlying conditions – such as “Why you overeat”.  They also don’t help you change your habits and eating patterns.  Understanding these issues is a key part of changing your lifestyle so that when you do lose weight – and you will if you are on the Medi-Health program – you will be able to keep it off. Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Stop Overeating These are not the only reasons why people overeat but they are some big ones which have been reported through self-help groups and by medical professionals.
  1. Realize food is not a companion
One of the biggest issues in overeating is that food provides companionship.  Food never judges you, it is always there, and it makes you feel good.  Food, particularly sugary and fatty foods enhances the activity of the neurotransmitter Serotonin in your brain – which is the “feel good” hormone.  Ultimately, consuming large amounts of sugar is bad for you but in the short term, your brain feels “comfy”.
  1. Don’t use food to numb your feelings
Others eat to numb unpleasant feelings.  Overeating can reduce the effects of anxiety but telling your brain “we have plenty of food, everything is ok”.  Overeating as a routine pattern can help you block out negative emotions such as feelings of anger, sadness, fear, or being hurt.  The serotonin that helps you feel “comfy” also helps you feel numb.
  1. Stop telling yourself that “You don’t deserve to be skinny”
People who are overweight often have a poor self-image and can lead to feelings of self-loathing.  Some people eat angrily as a self-punishment and many who do this are unaware of it.  A classic example of this is a scene in “The Nutty Professor”, where Professor Klump sits on his couch stuffing ice cream and cookies into his mouth because he thinks he is too fat.
  1. Don’t let food be your shield
People who have experienced abuse, whether it is physical or emotional may have had a reaction that caused their brain to want to put a “layer of protection” between them and the world.  Though they are not conscious of this behavior, the layer of fat “protects” them from further injury by keeping people away. Medi-Health is a program that is different.  We provide you with tools to learn how to stop overeating in a different way – and we provide you with personal support that you need to learn to love yourself and your new body.  Check out our member tools – the forum is a good place to start.  

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