Organic Fruit Bars- Our Healthy Breakfast Option!

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Probably the best part of the Medi-Health nutrition program is the food! We have great support tools but one of the most common feedback comments our members tell us about is – how great the food looks and tastes – and that it is “real food”. Our organic fruit bars with whole wheat are a perfect example of our real food. They are made with a base of delectable fig filling – but they come in multiple fruity flavors, perfect for your breakfast or snack including:
  • Peach / Apricot
  • Natural Blueberry
  • Fruity Raspberry
  • Apple with Cinnamon
Why Are Organic Fruit Bars Are So Good In addition to our careful balance of nutrition and natural ingredients, we strive to give you the best tasting and best looking food selections that you will want to eat at an affordable price. Our organic fruit flavored fig bars are made of all-natural ingredients including whole wheat and real fruit – sweetened with actual cane juice, rice syrup, and real molasses with no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavoring and no processed sugar. This is because we have found that the more you like our products, the more successful you will be on the Medi-Health plan and natural ingredients are good for your body. We have over 60 products – and one of our best is the organic multiple flavor fig bars. You can eat our fig bars as a breakfast selection or as a snack in between meals to keep your energy up. The fruit bars have a great texture – with whole grains rather than processed flour and fillers – and they look and taste terrific. They are chock full of protein and fiber to help you feel full and provide energy – making your weight loss plan that much easier. With any of the Medi-Health food selections, you won’t ever feel like you are sacrificing!

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