Our Plan Lets You Have Family Time

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Just because you are working on losing weight doesn’t mean you have to avoid the family dinner table. Eating with the family is a great bonding experience and studies show that kids who regularly eat with their parents are more likely to succeed in life. Some people find that they can eat their Medi-health food at the dinner table, while everyone else is eating the “regular” food but not everyone, so we have a solution for you. Medi-Health has two different weight loss plans: The first and most common is the total meal replacement or TMR. On the TMR, you replace all three of your daily meals with Medi-Health options and fill in the spaces with two or three healthy Medi-Health snacks. This provides the lowest calorie content and goes for the maximum weight loss, but if it isn’t for you, don’t worry because we have another solution. Our second plan is the partial meal replacement (PMR) which is designed for people who need more flexibility in their day. You replace two of your daily meals with Medi-Health meal selections but you get to eat a “normal” meal once a day. Your “regular” meal can include healthy low fat meats and vegetables – with an eye towards 500 calories. You need to try and watch the sauce, avoid the butter and oil and stay away from high calorie carbs but you can eat the same food at the same time as your family. Improving the healthiness of your family’s food probably won’t hurt them either and makes your weight loss journey more likely to be a life-long commitment. The PMR is also great for people who have to travel or need to attend business meetings at lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. You simply make your selection from the healthiest part of the menu. A lot of restaurants have these selections designated with a heart or “cardio” friendly label – some even provide estimated calorie content. If that doesn’t work for you, try ordering grilled meat rather than fried, leave off the cheese, order veggies instead of fries and ask for the sauce on the side. Drink water or tea instead of soda or alcoholic beverages, skip the appetizer, dessert or after-dinner crème coffee…there are tons of tips and ways to shave calories while eating out. Just because you are trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you have to lose out on family time and long-term success may be easier if you help your family into a healthier eating plan themselves. Check out our different plans and compare the Total Meal Replacement with the Partial Meal Replacement – to see how it stacks up for you!

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