Overcoming Poor Eating Habits

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One of the biggest barriers to weight loss is bad eating habits. The good thing is that pretty much everyone agrees on which habits are worst – and most of them have simple solutions. At Medi-Health, we have designed our eating plan and our products with ways to break poor eating habits built right in to our program. Eat breakfast The number one eating habit that actually makes you gain weight is skipping breakfast. Many dieters try to cut calories by skipping out on breakfast. This actually works in opposition to your body’s metabolism. If you start out your day without any food – your body acts as if you are in a “starvation” period. This causes your metabolism to slow down – the opposite of what you want it to do! In addition, most people who skip breakfast find themselves “starving” after a few hours and are then much more likely to overeat. Eat healthy snacks It can seem like a long time between meals – making you overeat when you finally allow food into your body. Replace the junk food with nutritious snacks to cut calories and don’t forget that eating healthy, balanced snacks that keep you feeling full will not only keep you from overeating but also help you keep your energy up throughout the day. Remove the triggers We all have different “triggers” that cause us to overeat. For some, it is mindless eating – while in front of the TV or during video games. For others, it is emotional eating – to make yourself feel better. Still others find certain food products just too tempting to pass up. For every eating trigger – there is a solution. Mindless eaters can limit that impulse by eating only at the table, setting a schedule and eating only portion controlled food (not out of the bag). Emotional eaters should find some other, enjoyable activity to do – take a walk or phone a friend. Those food triggers can easily be removed, simply by getting rid of them – throw out the ice cream, don’t buy anymore cookies, ditch the potato chips. Make a plan Instead of “winging it”, make an eating plan. Decide ahead of time what you are going to eat – and drink throughout the day. This can help keep you from wandering way off course. Your plan should include not only the food but also the time of day you plan to eat – be sure to schedule in exercise and getting plenty of sleep as fatigue is a huge eating problem as well. Our Medi-Health program addresses all of these common problems with eating habits. We have healthy breakfast options and snacks. Our food is all portion and calorie controlled and our program can help you plan out your day so that you can change those poor eating habits and become a healthier you.

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