Stress and weight gain.

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Is stress a cause for weight gain? Some people may think the picture above is funny, but in reality more and more people in the US are suffering silently with the effects of stress. Different people handle stress differently and for many food and drink seem to be a easy and safe way to handle the overburdoning stress in their lives. Others may work out, others get into their hobbies, the list goes on both destructive and non destructive methods to do the same thing. Get ride of the stress that is a slow killer to many. My own experience shows this to be true in building this company there are issues that come at me daily that cause me great deals of stress. Mostly from the unknown challenges, overburdoning regulations designed to stop me, and the cost in both monitary and social aspects of building something like this. It would be really easy to overeat or over drink, both of which cause weight gain. Eventually leading to the picture in the photo above. Why Stress is such an issue. Many people do not think other people will understand your particularly different situation in life that casues you the stress. (of course that is what we tell ourselves.) So we silently kill ourselves by indulging in a safe and legal stress reducer. FOOD! And over time that stress releiver becomes a habit like any other habit and we must break it to fix the challenge. So when your weight gain is because your stressed out and eating to satisfy that problem we need to recognize that is the core of the issue to resolve it. Otherwise we will get on diet to fix our weight issue we do not like, that also causes stress and get right back off again because our food habit does not like the reduced intake. How do we fix overeating? Everyone is different and I can only speak for what worked for me. Once I saw I was eating to relieve stress I was able to stop the destructive habit and use the energy and stress to help others. I was able to look into the mirror for the first time and say to myself. "I am tired of that person, of that life, of that habit I created." and then change my poor destructve eating habits to a more benefitial and natural eating habit. The hardest part was being honest with myself and determined enough to go ahead and completely change my way of thinking when it came to food and my health. Once I was honest about the stress causing a lot of my challenges then I was able to come up with a solution and Medi-Health was born. If you’re facing stress and want some ideas on how to handle it go over to the forum and post a thread at the bar asking about how to handle stress in positive ways and we will all try to help each other. Stress can be especially high around the holidays, so fight back with these healthy holiday eating tips. If I can do this then I know you can too all it may take is a little support from a friend, and determination to see it through. We make the rest of the program pretty easy and are available for help. "Love to lose" with me and Medi-Health. Sincerely, Alan

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