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 What is Medi-Health?

Medi-Health is an extremely fast growing national online provider of great tasting, simple, and effective nutritional product and the associating program designed for today's fast paced lifestyle. We think you will enjoy this candid video from Mr Basinger on why he created MH Nutrition LLC the owner of the Medi-Health brand.

Why should I consider Medi-Health?

The Medi-Health program is cost conscious without sacrificing quality flavor and variety as many other programs available today. Medi-Health has been in ongoing medical trials in multiple medical clinics in the US and is recommend by Medical Professionals.

Who is Medi-Health?

One of the founders of the program Alan Basinger was patient number 1 in the medical trials and continues the diet today. "I will never to sell products to other people I am not willing to use every day myself." is what Mr. Basinger is famous for telling members and potential members. He continues to do so today one full year after losing over 60lbs and keeping it off. "I will stay on the meal plan for the rest of my life." he told us for the blog post.  


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