The Obesity Epidemic in the US to hit the family and children hardest

Posted by Alan Basinger on

I know being a busy parent it is hard to slow down and think about the important things going on in the world right now. We are so distracted with the unimportant diguising itself as the important every day. In reality we are missing some of the most truly important decisions that need to be made rationally and with a clear intent as to future outcome for all of us, no matter the religion, race, sex, or political view. We all have a huge monkey on our back and we cannot seem to see past our own nose to address it. And based upon several scientific studies by as early as 2020 (6 years from now) 80% of all men will be obese and by 2031 80% of all children will be obese. compared to rest of world There is no discrimination here folks, no political arguments for one side or the other, it does not matter everyone is being affected. If you do not care about yourself enough to do something for yourself I hope you can see this war is not about you and that people you care about and love are also being affected. Corporations are not going to resolve this. Only education, abstinence, and the willingness of parents and loved ones to work together will do so. I will be alive in 2048 and at the rate we are going 100% of the American Population will be Obese and it would seem no one has the real answer just a new money making idea, pill, surgery, counseling program, etc. etc. etc. burdon of obesity per person in US I know I even write this against myself in some ways as I was obese and lost the weight and want so badly to help others, but the one diferentiator is I want you to relearn how to eat correctly and then not have to come back. I will give you the secret for free on how to lose weight and keep it off for life. Why? Because of the graph below and our families long term health, someone has to do it, and it starts with you, and me, and the rest of the people creating a movement to work together to stamp out obesity in our lifetime.

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