Why choose Medi-Health over other programs?

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MH Nutrition Meal Plans are:
  • Well-balanced providing proper, healthy ratios of fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrates
  • Tasty because they are based on whole foods, without excessive supplements, MH meals taste fresh, with similar taste and flavors to home cooked meals and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Leverage naturally occurring vitamins and proteins through food selection - as opposed to “amping up” with injected supplements
  • Allow you to eat “normal meals” and “normal foods” as opposed to using meal replacements in the form of bars or shakes or powers (which do little to help transition patients to healthy eating habits.)
  • Can be combined with other healthy foods you can buy at any grocery store for well-rounded meals including ample low calorie, low sugar fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates
  • Handy can be eaten at the home, office, or even on the run
  • Easy to buy no need to visit particular stores, gyms, or doctor’s offices to pick up products. Order online or from your phone, 24*7 and the products are delivered to you in professionally packed unmarked plain brown boxes.
  • Dr Recomended - Yes our program is recomended by medical professionals and unlike many others has been in medical trials to insure any claims we make are substantiated by real data.
We truly hope you find our program to be one of the best run companies with some of the best food currently available for a program like this or any other. When I worked with my partners to develope this program number one on our list of requirements was the food. It absolutely had to taste good and be something that I wanted to eat for the rest of my life. So when I went around the country looking at food manufacturing partners and had them do countless test batches of our menu until it was exactly what we wanted. Because of our tireless pursuit of great food for this program that is good for you, filling, and some of the best tasting around I think you really will "Love to Lose." with Medi-Health. Sincerely, Alan Basinger CEO/Founder Medi-Health Clinical Weight Loss Program I am trial patient number 1, I lost 65lbs total in 6 months, and have maintaned my goal weight for a almost a year and continues to stay on maintenance for life! What makes us different? We are just like you, and we care about your success!

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