Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Posted by Alan Basinger on

If you are trying to lose weight, this probably isn’t the first time. Unfortunately, experience shows that most people with a weight problem, try multiple diets before they find something that works – and many never do. The problem is that most of the “diets” out there are “fad” diets. They suddenly become extremely popular and it seems like “everyone” is on one. Some of these diets aren’t too bad, some are difficult to follow, and some are down-right dangerous. Some of the most common problems with fad diets include: Short term – some of the most common diets are “crash” diets, with extreme limitations on food choices. They promise massive weight loss in just a few days or weeks. Nutritionally incomplete – the “crash” diets are nearly always nutritionally incomplete as they limit you to only a few foods like the “grapefruit” diet. Others are a bit healthier but they may leave out a major section of nutrients – such as an extremely low carb diet. While a moderately low carb diet may be doable for some people, if the carbs are limited too much, you won’t be able to eat a lot of fruits and some vegetables and will be missing out on a large chunk of vitamins. Limiting carbs too much also means that you won’t have enough “ready” energy for body functions and activities. Extreme calorie restricting – some diets, such as liquid diets, limit your calories to a point that is so low; your body may go into “conservation” mode. Your metabolic rate will drop, you won’t be burning many calories, and you won’t have any energy. Difficult to follow – diets that require a lot of measuring and counting of different food types aren’t convenient. You might be able to follow them at home but going anywhere else is near impossible – including work. Weight loss doesn’t last – most “diets” don’t teach you anything about nutrition, eating patterns, or lifestyle changes. Once you go off the “diet” you will probably go right back to where you were and gain the weight back. Fad diets can even be dangerous – through extreme calorie and nutritional restriction. If your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it eventually starts to break down. Your skin may get dry and you may become extremely fatigued. There are a lot of medical stories about people who have become sick because of fad dieting. Medi-Health is not just a “diet”. We offer you a learning process to change your life. You can lose the weight while on Medi-Health and keep it off with the new things you have learned. We also offer a lot of support tools – from nutritional advice to member involvement, Medi-Health has more to offer you than a diet.    

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