Why medical professionals need Medi-Health

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Affordable Care Act: Yes the brand new ACA cuts medical professionals reimbursements yet again! We will not go into politics, but every few years it does seem Congress and the Executive branch pass some law to cut reimbursements to medical professionals from Medicare and Medicaid. Those make the news, but insurance companies also reduce payments for or stop paying all together for certain treatments that affect the insurance companies highly profitable bottom lines. Giant wall street traded corporations track all of their customers actions and use mathamatical formulas to see where they can get the biggest gains for the smallest cuts. It is like death by 1000 cuts to the private proctice physician today. It is very hard for private practice medical professionals to run a business when they cannot count on payments being made for treatments already provided the paitents. But I only talk about this to let you know that Doctors who forego starting in the workforce for many more years and have educational costs much higher than most are also the ones big corporations with their willing allies big government are targeting at this time. What does this mean for me? It means your doctor needs your help. Today the average doctor will need to see 20 patients per day to support a small practice. The practice that employs the nurse, the billing personell, the receptionist, and many other people. We can help our doctors by recomending Medi-Health Clinical weight loss programs to them. Ask your doctor if they have heard of it and let them know your interested or even aleady involved. Physicians have an average of 62% of their patients that either are overwieght or obese and all of them need the life changing program and support Medi-Health is offering. We at Medi Health love to create win-win opportunities for patients, and doctors.

Do your Doc a favor and let them know about medi-health.com and the Clinical Weight Loss program that will help them help their patients.

medi-health.com is wholly owned by MH Nutrition LLC, Houston TX and is a privately held company who's mission is to change the eating habits of America and help change America's health.

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