Why Our Program Will Make You Love To Lose

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Medi-Health is a simple but effective weight loss program – it is not a diet but a system of eating which lets you choose your plan, choose your meals and learn how to keep the weight off after the program.  We offer medical supervision, motivational support and education to make your weight loss journey easy and life-changing. [caption id="attachment_419" align="alignnone" width="612"]You Will Love To Lose! You Will Love To Lose![/caption]

Other programs

There are a lot of diets out there; some are fad diets which don’t provide adequate nutrition.  Some are actually good diets but they leave you feeling hungry, with limited food choices.  Some are actually programs with pre-prepared food but it doesn’t taste good or it is really expensive, or both.  Many programs and most diets don’t really help you learn anything.  Losing weight is a temporary fix, losing weight and eating better is a lifestyle fix.

Eating Right

The Medi-health program is different than most diets or even other programs.  Our program offers two different methods to start.  We have the Full Meal Replacement program which is the simplest – 3 meals and 3 snacks a day for the fastest weight loss.  The Partial Meal Replacement is a good option for people who want to have a “family” meal – or for those who travel or need to attend business dinners.  The PMR also offers a way for you to transition back into normal eating patterns when you are ready.  We teach you how to eat healthy so you aren’t left on your own.

Medical Supervision

Medi-health also does something different than most other programs – we offer medical supervision.  We coordinate with your MediHealthcare partner to evaluate your medical condition and look for issues that might require close monitoring.  This way you know that you are safe.

Motivation and Support

While you are on the Medi-Health program, you have lots of support.  We offer a complete plan for health – not just for weight loss.  We have forums for you to ask questions and join conversations with other members going through the same journey – making friends as you go.  We offer live chat, where you can talk directly to one of our weight-loss specialists.  This keeps you motivated and lets you know that you aren’t alone. You can follow us on twitter or Facebook and get daily and sometimes hourly updates with links to videos and articles filled with tips.  Some of the best videos are featured right on our website offering tips about our meals and other healthy options. With Medi-health, you aren't just buying meal substitutes. You aren't just following a diet.  Medi-Health helps you change your life to become a healthier you.  With us, you are getting a partner – not just a product and you can have fun along the way.

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