Why your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions Fail

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Making New Year’s Resolutions is a common practice.  More people make resolutions than watch the Super Bowl – and Number 1 on the list is to “lose weight.”  Staying healthy also makes the top 10 list, coming in at about number 6.

Be Specific With your Weight Loss Goals

You start out with terrific intentions, but only 8 percent – about 1 in 12 people actually keep New Year’s Resolutions and, in fact, some psychologists say that we actually set ourselves up for failure.  Some of the reasons for failure include:
  • Making multiple resolutions. Face it – you can’t put more effort on health, work, family, money, and charity all at the same time.  If you could focus on all those things at once, you already would have.  One key to making a successful resolution is to limit it to one area.
  • Making resolutions too general. You can’t win at “be more successful” but you can win at “find a new job.”  It is hard to win at “lose weight” but you can win at “lose 10 pounds in 3 months.”  Making a resolution more specific can help you meet the goal.
  • Making the goal too big. It is much easier to make a goal set in small steps.  Hard to face “Have an extra $1000 in my savings” or “lose 50 pounds” but “save $100 per month” or “lose 5 pounds in the next month” might be easy.
  • Losing sight of the goal. Again – if the goal is too far away, you may lose interest.  You can be more successful if you celebrate small successes and keep your focus on what you can do today to meet your goal and if you fall off that horse – get right back up because the year isn’t over!

Take Changes Slowly, Not all at Once

While a New Year’s Resolution seems like a good idea – and it may work for a few, waiting until New Year’s Eve is not the best way to go.  Changing your habits, changing your behavior, and changing your life requires more than a promise to yourself made at midnight. There are steps you can take today to make your life better.  No matter how successful (or not) you have been in the past, no matter how many times you have failed, if you approach your resolution with the right set of tools – it is doable. The Medi-Health program is designed to support you as you change your life.  We aren’t a quick fix but a lifestyle change.  We can help you learn to change your eating patterns while providing you a solid framework to lose weight and meet your goals.  So don’t let that big New Year’s Resolutions plan go by the wayside for another year – take action in a way that can make you successful! http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201012/why-new-years-resolutions-fail

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