Your Fat Habit. How to learn to eat again and change your life for the better

Posted by Alan Basinger on

So here I find myself researching the idea of self publishing a weight loss book that promotes our proven time testes eating habits. Notice I did not say diet but HABIT? Let me know what you think of these as an outline of the contents of the book and submit your ideas and I will pick from your votes and ideas!!! Here is the Contents Page 1.) You are what you eat? 2.) Why DIETS fail. 3.) How does our body use food? 4.) Psycology of weight loss fads. 5.) Do you really want to be skinny? 6.) Are goals really important? 7.) All I do is eat, eat, eat.... 8.) Talk is cheap, skinny is better 9.) Ancient principals for managing your life, love, and weight exposed! 10.) Daily outline to a better you. (summary) 11.) Skinny people look younger

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