Philosophy Of The Program

Medi-Health is a flexible weight loss program which was developed by Alan Basinger founder and CEO of MH Nutrition LLC. Alan was patient number 1 in the Medi-Health program. Suffering from obesity at 240 pounds and experiencing other related health issues such as arthritic knees, hips and feet, blood sugar issues, lack of energy and a poor self-esteem, Mr. Basinger had tried a number of solutions – including some “big name”, celebrity endorsed programs. While he may have had some success with those programs, he saw that they were difficult to practice – and that results would likely not be long-lasting and he would end up gaining the weight back unless he stayed on them for life. He thought there must be a better way.

Basinger and colleagues, including certified nutritionist and weight-loss specialist physicians, studied a number of “diets” and found that all diets are calorie restrictive and most have a number of issues that needed to be tackled:

  • Simplicity
  • Taste
  • Nutritional Value
  • Satiety (fullness)
  • Convenience
  • Energy levels
  • Medical supervision
  • Ability to transition to a normal diet

So the goal of the team became having a simple program that is convenient, tastes good and allows for transition to eating in a healthy manner, all while ensuring that participants are medically supervised.

Alan and his colleagues, including professional certified nutritionists and physicians with weight loss specialties, looked at problems associate with available weight-loss programs and set about solving them.

The goal was to find foods that tasted good, were high in nutritional value and that provided a feeling of fullness so that a patient on the program would not feel hungry or deprived. Basinger was the first patient in trials for the program, lost over 65 pounds and is still going strong today.

As a commitment to your health, Medi-Health works with your weight-loss specialist, providing medical supervision. Medi-health also continues on a quest for improvement and continues to run research trials at a number of well-known clinics around the country.