Success Stories

Many of our participants have emailed us to tell us how much Medi-Health has improved their lives. We love to hear from them and we’d like to hear from you. Use our contact form to tell us about your experiences!

Here are some of the great stories we have heard:

Sarah H., an empty-nester wrote:

“The most important reason why I joined Medi-Health was to feel better. I had tried Medifast, HCG and RVL in the past, but with Medi-Health it was different. When I started using the Medi-Health diet, I had more energy while I was losing weight. I felt like I already knew what to eat but it helped me with portion control. It helped me to “listen” to my body so that I can keep my body healthy from now on”.

Jason S., a busy accountant told us:

“What I liked most was the convenience and portion control which made it easier. The food tasted great (after adding a few extras like veggies and spices) – it tasted like “real” food”.

Kelly B., an administrative office manager said:

“What I have liked about Medi-Health is not having to plan my meals. I am busy in the mornings and going out to lunch is a no-win situation. I also like to snack and being able to take them along with me to work has helped me avoid the snackroom. The encouragement from Dr. Tondera has been a big help because I had to give up my Dr. Pepper which was a big challenge – but he has kept me on track”

Charlotte G., a retired teacher wrote:

“Diabetes runs in my family, along with cancer and heart disease. My doctor told me that I had diabetes about five years ago and my blood sugar and A1C levels have never made him happy. A lot of relatives have suffered from diabetes and I didn’t want to go down that road. I wanted to change my habits so I could be healthier and it worked. Both my sugar and A1C levels have dropped and I have lost weight.”

Charlotte G.

Leah and Pedro B. both joined Medi-Health and have reported great results:

Both my husband and I had the opportunity to try the Medi-Health program for one month in 2013. The time it took to prepare the meals was minimal which is great for me. Since I usually do most of the cooking, I was glad that I didn’t have to get bored of the same food because there was plenty of variety. In one month’s time I lost 17 pounds – I followed the meal plan, exercised only 30 minutes a day and stayed hydrated…that’s it and it worked.


I tried the Medi-Health plan with my wife because she wanted to. I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it but I tried it anyway. My job is pretty physically demanding so I don’t really exercise a lot. I was very surprised after only a month I had lost quite a few inches and pounds. All I had to do was follow the program and I ended up having to buy smaller pants.”


Olga Marie C., a college art student told us by email:

“Being an overweight college student hasn’t been easy. My mom told me about Medi-Health and after having tried other programs, I was highly skeptical about the food. The good news is that the foods actually look and taste great. The texture is even good, which was a problem with some of the other programs. The meals are convenient enough for me to eat at school and though it also took a bit of exercise, I feel a lot happier.”

Olga Marie C.